Our Story


The story of: How one forgotten phone call turned into a profitable, fun company

“Hey Angela, are you able to do our 2011 meeting? Your previous employer has not called us and our ANNUAL meeting is in two weeks. We know you’ve moved on, but please let us know if you can take care of us and our meeting this year at such a last minute.”

“Yes. Yes I can!”

Barnes Interactive was founded because my replacement did not bother to make one simple phone call. Every client matters. Each phone call is important. 

So, with opportunity on the line, I gathered the cash I had on hand to purchase a laptop, a plane ticket, and put a rental deposit on the remaining gear I needed. This show HAD to be a success, or my bills might come due without money in the bank to cover the mortgage.

I had the skill, knowledge and expertise, but most importantly, the proven track record of exceptional customer service paving the way. Thankfully, client received flawless excellence at that meeting, and I made the leap to formally create Barnes Interactive, Inc.

Fast forward almost seven years later, now organized as Barnes Interactive, Inc., and still creating lasting client relationships wherever I find myself. The reliability of the technology we use, wielded by fire-tested technicians, creates a service package our clients find exceptional value in, to this day.