Are animations enough to engage the audience?

Creating a presentation is daunting enough. Many of us including myself have issues with stage fright and public speaking. For myself this comes from the perception of “speaking to” or “lecturing to” the audience. What would happen if you changed the dynamic? If you were to engage the audience in an interactive way? Creating an almost conversational tone with them?

For instance, a presentation on best practices of saving.

You expect everyone to know that for this to work you must have a budget and at least a concept of your cashflow. What if your audience didn’t know that? Ask them! ARS (Audience Response System) is a great way to ask the audience questions, and see the results live. The attendees now feel like they are a part of the presentation and can help guide you.

Asking them some pre-presentation questions could end up changing your plan. Giving the audience more of the information that they find impactful and therefore increasing the value of your presentation.

Everyone loves a beautiful PowerPoint presentation, but combine that with ARS and truly engage the audience in conversation and you both will walk away with more information than you started with.