Our integrated Audience Response System (ARS) software communicates with up to 10,000 participants, to receive anonymous feedback in a matter of seconds, all while actively engaging your audience. Those present know that their opinion has been heard, and ample data is delivered for analysis at the conclusion of the meeting.

Engaging Meeting Participation
People love talking about themselves, and in a meeting, they can voice their thoughts knowing it is being heard by everyone around them. Draw your audience into the event; keep them off the sidelines by actively pursuing them through thought-provoking questions. Anonymity frees up the tongue, and gives real, true feedback on any topic.

Question Creation
We offer assistance in guiding the types and quantity of questions asked, framing it with “What information do you want to learn?”.

Dedicated Onsite Technician
An ARS specialist is sent to act as a dedicated technician at your event. They are responsible for the equipment delivery, setup and wrap-up. They also anticipate session updates, can program additional questions on site, and even at the whim of the presenter. This frees up the client to engage on other matters.

Keypad Supply
Our simple, single function keypad will engage your audience, because they won’t need to be on their phones and get distracted. As soon as you allow your group permission to be on a phone app, their human nature will pull them to email, news, texting and even phone calls! Keep the meeting etiquette tight by only allowing our “dumb-devices” in their hands.

Ample Data Deliverables
You want information, we’ll provide it immediately following the event or session. We instantly create Excel reports on the overall audience, participation results, demographic qualifiers, and up to 50 other unique report types. Narrow in on specific anonymous people to find trends & anomalies, or add a named participant list to see how Dr. Peterson specifically voted on key medical treatment questions.