Songs – they work like magic

Take a moment and count to ten in your mind. I’ll wait.         !! Do it !!

1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5  –  6  –  7  –  8  –  9  –  10

That might seem relatively quick to you, but imagine yourself being forced to stare at a blank-faced presenter in silence, instead of your busy surroundings. Ten seconds seems like an eternity when there is nothing to engage your attention. Instead of being bored, liven up the mood!

Ten second splashes of energetic songs make polling questions more cohesive. Topical songs engage the audience, makes them smile, and gives the presenter a momentary break. Barnes Interactive takes pride in gathering your data, but also in the joy of being a 10-second DJ. Like fine wine, here are some practical examples of good “song-pairings”:

  • Imagine a medical meeting on the complexities of COPD, pair a few questions with “Doctor, Doctor give me the news”, “Harder to Breathe”, and “I want a new drug”
  • A financial meeting: “I want Money, that’s what I want” or the O’Jays classic “Money, Money, Money”
  • Questions on how to best contact a person: “Hello” by Adele or Lionel Richie
  • Light walk-in music and Clean Top 40 songs are classic and fill the space perfectly

Data, Deliverables and DJ. Quite a trifecta!

-Angela (aka DJ Barnes)