About Barnes Interactive

With over a decade of event & meeting industry experience, the Barnes Interactive team provides high quality professional audience response services to meeting planners of numerous industries nationwide. Our clients captivate their audiences by using our stimulating in-meeting interaction, then after the event, the meeting data is utilized for analysis, marketing and trending purposes.


Your Event

Holding an event of 100, 500 or more than 1,000 attendees can truly be a complex undertaking, especially when the success of the event depends on the flawless execution of multiple factors. The ARS experts from Barnes Interactive understand how important it is for everything to run smoothly when the pressure is on, and we're here to help. Conducting business in a collaborative setting has never been more efficient and informative, thanks to the availability of user-friendly, handheld keypads from Barnes Interactive. Let our staff handle the ARS details, so you can focus on the big picture.

Our ARS service is perfect for:

  • Employee feedback
  • Audience surveys
  • Focus groups
  • General breakout sessions
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building
  • Sales meetings
  • New product testing
  • Education and training

Annual Meetings are the kind of event that can make or break a budget year - or even set the course for the company for years to come. Audience feedback will be essential, but how can you compile information, present results, and understand the data? Handwritten response forms are costly to print, and the number of man-hours needed to compile the data is often prohibitive. You need your data promptly and a service provider you can trust. That's why you need an audience response system (ARS) from Barnes Interactive.

  • Ensure every member of your audience is involved
  • Promote participation throughout your conferences and meetings
  • Decide to release the collaborative data, or simply keep it as proprietary information

Our interactive conference technology allows votes and opinions to be tabulated accurately and in real-time. Impact your constituents and understand their needs. Plan your local town-hall meetings with confidence that key topics will be addressed, and the voice of the people will be heard easily and accurately. Whether you or your organization serves a local community or national audience, ARS by Barnes Interactive will there to serve your needs.

  • Quickly build consensus
  • Discover priorities of your constituents
  • Develop relevant focus group topics

Make any ordinary affair much more vibrant, pro-active and interactive with ARS by Barnes Interactive. Create a connection between speaker and audience, between teacher and student, between industry guru and waged workers - bring cohesion to your event.

Our objective is to create robust and impactful interactive presentation slides that produce real-time results, allowing dialogue to naturally build between groups that have not often been provided the opportunity to communicate.

  • Fun
  • Informative
  • Fast
  • Impactful