About Barnes Interactive

With over a decade of event & meeting industry experience, the Barnes Interactive team provides high quality professional audience response services to meeting planners of numerous industries nationwide. Our clients captivate their audiences by using our stimulating in-meeting interaction, then after the event, the meeting data is utilized for analysis, marketing and trending purposes.


About Us

Audience Response is a productive way to communicate and connect with your audience during meetings and events. Barnes Interactive uses interactive software to seamlessly integrate with your presentation, in order to instantly communicate with response keypads in the hands of your audience. Collecting data from dozens, hundreds, or more than thousands of participants is simultaneously gathered wirelessly, and the total results are displayed in vivid graph or chart form within seconds to your voting audience. This Audience Response System (ARS) technology has been employed by meeting professionals for over 25 years to engage audiences and collect paramount information.

Barnes Interactive can provide user-friendly, handheld keypads that allow audiences to stay engaged in the meeting from beginning to end. If knowledge is power, just think of the potential you have when using the thoughts and opinions of your audience. Our ARS services can help you:

  • Maintain participant involvement & engagement
  • Instantly show consensus
  • Effectively gather & compile data
  • Simplify complex concepts
  • Conduct quick and anonymous & accurate voting
  • Results are shown instantly and are archived for future use
  • Compare demographic and marketing information